SOLD Green Beryl Cocktail Ring Item 19001

SOLD Green Beryl Cocktail Ring Item 19001


Our take on the classic cocktail ring, with our signature mix of old and new. This ring features a one of a kind bright and lively natural Green Beryl gem stone in a brushed handmade bezel setting with vintage style miligrain detail. 

• 6.12 carat Green Beryl (5.19 x 10.70 x 6.65 mm).
• 14k Yellow Gold.
• Handmade In Toronto.
• Appraised at 11,000.00 CDN.
• 6.5 grams.
• Complimentary sizing comes with this ring.
• Item 19001.

The Beryl family of gem stones is one of the most colourful and commonly used in jewellery. Chemically pure Beryl is colorless, but trace elements in the gem give rise to many other colours. The most famous variety being bright green which is known as an Emerald. Green Beryl is the same gem as Emerald but just with slightly lower amounts of the trace elements Chromium or Vanadium, giving it a slight lighter green colour than an Emerald. Other popular varieties of Beryl include Aquamarine (blue), and Morganite (pink).

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