Natural Pearl Drop Earrings Item 19036

Natural Pearl Drop Earrings Item 19036


Our take on the classic super-wearable mini hoop earring, with our signature mix of old and new. The beautiful antique drop shaped natural pearls have been repurposed from an 1850s pin. We have paired them with modern hoops giving them new life. Would make an ethical gift for a summer bride, June birthday girl or one-of-a-kind graduation present. Appraised at $1650.00 CDN. Copy of the third part appraisal comes with purchase. 

GEM: 2 x antique natural pearls (6.5 x 5.0 mm).

HOOP: 10 mm.

METAL: 14k yellow gold hoop and gold wire.

BACK: Hinged locking closure.

CONDITION: Antique portions are original and “perfectly imperfect” showing expected asymmetries in shape, variations in colour and expected wear.

WEIGHT: 1.10 grams. 

Please let us know if you would like any additional information or have any questions.

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